Latest Awards and Media | Dec 2022

We're always excited to see menstrual health-related topics covered by global media, and it's been brilliant to see our menstrual equity programmes in the workplace and social impact work tackling period poverty recognised by a growing number of organisations. Check out some of our recent coverage below:


  • LUÜNA was voted as a Tatler Front & Female Award finalist, recognising individuals who have contributed to progressing gender equity in Asia
LUÜNA on Tatler Asia Front & Female Awards 2022
  • We won the Outstanding Cultural Creativity Prize from the Hong Kong Cultural Leaders of Tomorrow Award 2022

LUÜNA in FedEx Asian Entrepreneur spotlight


    Below we share one of our favourite highlights from this recent coverage, an interview with Olivia about our future vision:

    What impact do you want to make in the next five years?

    "Our goal in five years is to have deeply shifted social and cultural attitudes towards menstruation, menopause and other important life stages through product innovation and policy development. We want to be recognised as a company that was pivotal in changing attitudes around how our bodies are seen, understood and supported, redefining the category to empower our community at every life stage."

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    What advice would you share with the next generation of women and girls?

    "When you feel like you don’t have a seat at the table, build a new table."




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