Empowered, Period. Tackling Period Poverty in Hong Kong

MH Day falls every year on May 28th to raise and promote awareness about the importance of menstrual health. It was first observed in the year 2014 by German-based NGO 'WASH United'. This year at LUÜNA, we're working on an ambitious project designed to raise awareness around and tackle period poverty in Hong Kong.

What is Period Poverty?

In Hong Kong, many women and girls from vulnerable communities cannot afford menstrual care products. Purchasing these products places a financial burden on individuals and their families, or in the case that products are not accessible, results in individuals missing life-changing opportunities like work and school simply because they menstruate. 

"As a stay-at-home mom with no extra income, I often have to worry about my family's daily expenses. LUÜNA's donations have really helped a lot by giving me the necessary period care I need." - Ludy, community member from Refugee Union
Previous donation to Mother's Choice in Hong Kong


How We're Working to Change This

Between April and June 2023, we are working with community members and institutional partners (corporates and schools) with the goal of providing free menstrual care products to 500 individuals. We aim to provide each beneficiary up to one year's worth of sustainable period products. Every beneficiary can opt in for a free reusable menstrual cup as well. Through this, we hope to alleviate the financial burden of menstruation on individuals and their families.


How You Can Support

There are many ways you can be involved. Choose one or more from the below options, or contact us if you have further ideas:

  • Organizations: Introduce your company or school for CSR contributions
  • Students: Apply to support with group fundraising activities

If you are a student or organisation please reach out to us at at hello@luuna-naturals.com we look forward to hearing from you!

Meet our Charity Partners

Sponsored LUÜNA period care products will be distributed to beneficiaries and tracked through our amazing charity partners:

Past donation packing with previous charity partner, The Zubin Foundation

How You Will Stay Updated

For anyone supporting this campaign, you will receive updates on donations and impact tracking when you provide your email address either by purchasing a Gift Card or signing up to support via other means.

To learn more about our previous period poverty projects, click here.



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