Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons Bulk Buy (96pcs)

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$379.00 $480.00

Your combination of regular or super absorbency organic cotton applicator tampons for the next 4-6 months.

Choose the absorbency combination that best suits your flow. Your organic tampons will arrive wrapped individually but without separate retail packaging. Just one recyclable box delivered every few months.

And because you've helped us reduce packaging waste, you can save up to 20% off when compared to regular retail pricing.

More about Applicator Tampons Bulk Buy:

*We estimate 96 applicator tampons will last 4-6 months though this can differ depending on your cycle.

Same organic products, less packaging waste.

Who We Are

We are a purpose-driven wellness company, built in Asia by a woman-led team. Our mission is to build a more equitable world for women and all people with periods.

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